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Tarot is a divination system using 78 Cards. Most decks have 22 trumps, 16 court cards and 40 pip cards. The trumps are referred to as the Major Arcana and the courts and pips make up the Minor Arcana.

The debatable origins of Tarot card reading are as mysterious as the cards themselves. Many cultures lay claim to the beginnings of Tarot in some fashion, and the theories about the evolution of Tarot cards are widely varied and fascinating.

What we do know about Tarot is that it works. How and why it works is also a subject of much debate. What is not in contention is the ability of a Tarot card reading to assist and inspire.

In Tarot cards you can find the symbolism of Kabbalah and Christianity as well as Numerology and Astrology. A Tarot reading is knowledge and power portrayed in pictures and symbols. It is a gentle guide on our path and a loving mediator between our inner and outer selves. It can show you things about yourself you already know and can open your eyes to parts of yourself you have previously ignored. Tarot can illuminate how your actions are affecting your future and show you how to take control and create the future that you wish for. Tarot can give you an objective view of a situation.


Your Tarot Card Reader

My name is Teresa and I picked up my first Tarot deck about 10 years ago. I am a professional intuitive Tarot reader based in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. As an intuitive reader, I take into account the universally understood symbolism of the Tarot cards and the intuitive knowing that comes through to me as I view your cards. I currently offer private, in-depth readings with Skype or in person that will help you discover your inner wisdom and your connection with the universe.

I have been reading Tea Leaves for about a year and have been combining Tarot and Tea Leaves for a unique, in-depth experience for almost as long. When having a reading in person, you enjoy a lovely cup of tea while we discuss your Tarot reading and then we wrap up with a tea leaf reading that ties up any loose ends and gives another perspective.

When I read for you on Skype, I sip the tea while reading for you (and you are welcome to have your own relaxing cup also) and wrap up with a peek inside my cup.

My aim as a Reader is to empower you by tapping into the wisdom of the Tarot and Tea Leaves so you can take control of your destiny and create abundance and fulfillment in your life. Tarot readings can concentrate on your love life, your business or job and can be used to help you find your spiritual way in our confusing world. My personal journey with the Tarot has deepened my understanding of myself and my life. The Tarot has helped me to better understand how I interact with our world and the universe and how I can attain my bliss. The Tarot and the Tea Leaves provide deep insight into every facet of our lives and I enjoy sharing this wonderful gift with others.

While I love to combine the divination tools of Tarot Cards and Tea Leaf Reading together, it is your choice, and I can provide you with an in depth reading with either or both methods.

I can also provide Pendulum Readings by request. This service is best utilized for those quick yes or no questions.

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